PIN based calling cards

In case of PIN based cards, pin number is mentioned instead of access numbers. PIN number is provided by the MeriCall, either through mail or mentioned on the card, These PIN numbers are for making sure that card is actually used by the authenticated users. These PIN cards are also available in virtual format, where user tend to pay through online payment system and then gain some minutes of the specific region as per their choice to enjoy talk time with their loved ones on really cheap rates and even in the absence of internet service, internet do not has to be at both ends in this VoIP scenario.

PIN less Dialing

In this feature you don’t need to worry about the pin, you just need to dial the access number and Mericall system automatically identifies the pin number. On successful authentication, service provider announces the available minutes, time or balance depending on the nature of the card and after that user is allowed to dial the destination number.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial is another feature offered by MeriCall. In this you just save your favorite numbers up to 10 numbers and press the speed dial code followed by the harsh key

Dial without any Software

Most companies require users to download their specific software in order to dial the access number, but in Mericall there is no such case of having a specific software, which also adds a plus point in user friendly method.

No Hidden Charges

A notable point is that, there are many cases in which companies usually give less than mentioned minutes and cover this glitch as hidden charges, MeriCall service provider is far from this kind of glitches and there are no hidden charges in this service.

Fast and Reliable Dialing

PIN based cards allow direct dial of destination number by using ANI authorization which makes the contacting process faster,
this process works after the authentication of access number once and then ANI authentication process is used in order to make the call more reliable without any distraction.

Auto Refill

This features permits the user not to worry about topping up their account again and again. If “Auto Refilled” is enabled then MeriCall system will automatically recharge your account when your credit drops below $ 2.