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The Industry Leader in International Calling Plans,
MeriCall Keeps You Talking

MeriCall is a calling card platform, which is run by SAIMM Trading LTD and operates from UAE to connect with the entire world. As telephone services are becoming the most important part of recent times, people are interested in saving time and this service provides them with this opportunity. It is a well-known fact that internet telecommunication services are quite developed now a days and competency only lies in the quality of service otherwise at user end no one is interest in saving pennies in exchange of a low quality service.

MeriCall, has carved a separate space for itself in the sphere of VoIP calling service. This service gives a platform that allows international users to connect with one another. Long distance and international calls are usually based on VoIP network because of its low charges. And this service is also attractive for users because of its comparatively low charges and better quality, as compared to other companies that also provide the same service.