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  • Afghanistan14.3¢
  • Canada0.8¢
  • Bangladesh2.7¢
  • Egypt6.4¢
  • Ghana17.3¢
  • India6.4¢

Key Features

Pinless Setup

No pin number to dial!!!
No need to dial a pin-number
when you call from your
registered phone.Register up to
5 numbers to pin-less dialing.
Make a call from your cell phone,
home phone or work phone!


One Touch Calling

Call any international number
with the touch of a button
As easy as making a local call.
Save a considerable amount
of Time and Effort.
Call any country in the world
using this feature.


Reward Programe

Redeem your points
and get Free Minutes

No Membership Fees.
Free Bonus Points For Signup.
4 Points For every dollarspent


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Get up to 100 FREE minutes to over 25 different countries! New customers can signup today to experience quality long distance service that only we can offer!



I just found MeriCall on internet and I couldn't be happier about it.
Dumped the old service like an old habit.
Every time I make an international phone call the quality is amazing,
perfect sound and never any interruption. Love it.

Safdar Abbas

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